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The compressed air boost. For trade, commerce and industry.

AiRKO - Power is the goal. Experience is the drive.

Innovation by tradition - expertise by passion - strength by conviction

AiRKO is a specialist in compressed air technology that is characterized by a future-proof full-line range, intelligent control systems, excellent efficiency and ecological compatibility. Maximum efficiency, energy savings, heat recovery and optimum compressed air treatment are key areas of our expertise.

The benefits for the user and the sustainability of the solutions have top priority at AiRKO. Our success is based on uncompromising customer orientation, systemic advice and design and the passionate pursuit of the best individual solution.

AiRKO - We love compressed air


Efficiency and sustainability are the guiding principles of AiRKO and ALMiG. With this in mind, we are constantly developing our products with regard to resource-saving and environmentally friendly use. We are continuously working on ever more efficient compressors in order to reduce the energy consumption of the systems and achieve ever better specific performance.

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