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Piston compressors from AiRKO

Airko piston compressors - Keyvisual

Your new piston compressor

Powerful, durable, simple and safe. This is exactly what a piston compressor that earns your trust and inspires enthusiasm must be like. And AiRKO uses all its experience and expertise to create the products and services that produce and ensure these qualities.

  • With selected and proven quality of all components and systems.
  • With professional and quality-assured production with experienced and trained employees who want to be proud of what they do.
  • With competent partners in trade, technology and service.

Precise and highly stressed parts are manufactured according to precisely defined procedures and processes. Mechanical production takes place on automated, computer-controlled systems (co-)developed by AiRKO. Only they can guarantee that the high quality targets are achieved and maintained.

Your AiRKO piston compressor: quality in every detail and in the perfect interaction of all components. Design as a permanent mission.

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