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Airko oil-lubricated piston compressor

Airko piston compressor unit
190 - 620

Effective flow rate [l/min]

10 - 20 bar

Max. pressure

1,5 - 3,8

Motor output [kW]

Industrial compressors from AiRKO

Tough as nails. Economical in performance.

The AiRKO, AiRKO-N and AiRKO-H industrial compressors are air-cooled single or two-stage compressors with direct drive.  
They meet the high standards of the industrial category in all respects:

  • Versatile applications in filling stations, workshops and factories as well as individually optimizable energy sources for operating machines and systems requiring compressed air.
  • Proven thousands of times under the toughest conditions (e.g. at the lowest temperatures when used in snow cannons).

Professional technology in the new AiRKO Power design:

  • Heavily ribbed cylinders made of high-quality gray cast iron and cylinder heads made of die-cast aluminum
  • Aluminum finned tube aftercooler line in the cooling air flow
  • Powerful axial fans made of cast iron
  • Needle bearings in the two push rod eyes
  • Brand pressure switch with operating hours counter as standard (for tank-mounted version)
  • Highly effective, large intake filter and replaceable filter element
  • Energy-saving quality motor IP54, protection class F


Max. overpressure [bar(ü)]

Suction volume

Eff. delivery volume

Drive power [kW]

Cooling air volume flow

Nominal voltage [Volt]

Number of stages


Pressure line connection

Noise level without/with box

Piston compressor up to 10 bar - single-stage
AIRKO 309103101901,5540230/4001145022 x 1,576/65
AIRKO 469104753112,2540230/4001145022 x 1,577/66
AIRKO 609106204233730400/6901145026 x 1,577/67
Piston compressor up to 10 bar - two-stage
AIRKO-N 279102802171,5510230/4002145022 x 1,574/61
AIRKO-N 559105654623990400/6902145026 x 1,579/67
AIRKO-N 759107656203,81320400/6902145030 x 279/67
Piston compressor up to 15 / 20 bar
AIRKO-H 309153101701,5540230/4001145022 x 1,577/66
AIRKO-H 279152802031,5510230/4002145022 x 1,574/61
AIRKO-HH 279202801811,5510230/4002145022 x 1,574/61
AIRKO-H 559155654033990400/6902145026 x 1,579/67
AIRKO-H 759157655273,81320400/6902145030 x 279/67

Eff. Delivery volume measured in continuous operation according to VDMA-4362 at 8 bar(g), for 15 bar(g) version measured at 12 bar(g).
Noise level according to DIN 45635 T13, 1 m distance. Subject to technical modifications.

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